As suggested by Dave Pelz in his Putting Bible, there are 3 sources of power in the putting stroke.

A.  Fingers, Hands and Wrists

       We use our fingers, hands and wrists in everyday activities.  Trying to supply power from this part of your body can lead to inconsistent putterface angle at impact.  This can cause distance and directional problems.

        Many Golfers have this skill somewhat perfected until the added pressure of "having to make it" interferes with performance.  This is when your body will produce adrenaline which makes your muscles stronger which can lead to inconsistent results.  (This is the putting stroke I see the most).


B.  Body Movement away from or toward the hole.

       This motion will produce unwanted power and misdirected putts.     For every inch your body moves laterally during your stroke, the ball moves another foot.  There is no axis in this stroke.


C.  Triangle/arms and shoulders motion.

       Most tour players demonstrate this impeccably!!!  Speed and roll are determined by the length of your motion.  Adrenaline filled small muscle movements are not a factor that will effect the stroke of an arm/shoulder triangle putter.  THIS ONE IS THE WINNER!













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