I have achieved a better understanding of my golf game and what is needed for improvement as a result of my privatelessons and my on-course playing lesson with Debbie Constantin.  Debbie is a skilled teacher who can communicate with clarity an understanding of golf fundamentals and the basics of the golf swing.

I would refer any of my friends and acquaintances to see Debbie for a well rounded golfer's education.


- Carol Misik


Golf is a very important part of my life simply because I want to be the best I can be.

Debbie has helped me with every aspect of the game, from the physical mechanics of the swing, to the mental mechanics of course management to golf fitness.  My self confidence has improved and I am enjoying this game more than I ever have.

Knowing that I am working with a real teaching professional is fantastic!     



- Bobbie Bish


I was a golf hacker for thirty years before embracing golf instruction relatively late in life and went to see Debbie. She transformed my swing and my game.  In the four years that I have been working with Debbie, my handicap has dropped from a 22 to a l4.     I am certain that she can help anyone who is serious about improving their golf game.

Debbie also volunteers her time on Saturday mornings in the spring to coach the North Hills All Stars Special Olympics Golf Team.  Her selfless dedication to this labor of love is another measure of her outstanding person nature.

Whether it is volunteering with special athletes or instructing more serious golfers, Debbie makes a difference.  I am a better person for our association.


- Ray Caliendo

I loved every minute of every lesson with Debbie.  I had never golfed in my life, but always wanted to learn.  Each lesson was thoughtfully designed.  By the end of the summer,  I am even considering joining the Ladies Beginners Golf League. 

If you are a beginner, have never had a lesson, or have developed bad habits, take a series of lessons with Debbie.


- Sydnie Bryant


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